2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins 4K Adrenaline

* I have read and agree with the Warranty and Disclaimer::

Product Description


Adrenaline Engine Control System
2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins

Now available with V2 Adrenaline Tuning 


11 On the Fly Power Levels 

USB Updatable

180 RWHP Gains Easy Access USB port
420 Ft Lbs Torque Gain Plug and Play Installation
Max Mileage Tuning Level

Rugged Weatherproof Enclosure

Best Towing Performance Available

Built in TurboGuard

Unparalled Throttle Response

Built in PowerIdle

Built in EGT, Boost, Transmission
Temperature Gauges

Built in Guardian De-fueling Software
for EGT , Boost, and Trans Temp

 *Screen Not Included


The Adrenaline is the standard in diesel performance for VP44 powered Cummins trucks.

That is even more true today with the new V2 tuning for Adrenaline 4k coming standard on all Adrenaline 4k units. The latest V2 custom tuning increases the number of tuning variables and therefor the amount of control that you have over the tuning in your truck. V2 custom tuning for Adrenaline gives you more fine control over the amount of fuel that you command at every pound of boost and control over the amount of timing in each RPM range. You pick when the wire tap fueling kicks in and how hard it kicks in. You can also take advantage of the "valet mode" power level (PL 01) to decrease fueling levels below stock values. New V2 power levels are as follows:

PL00 : Stock

PL01: Valet Mode

PL02: Timing only

PL03: CAN bus + Timing

PL04+: Pump Tap + CAN bus + Timing


The Adrenaline is the MOST POWERFUL plug and play module out of the box found anywhere. With gains up to 180 rwhp* and 420 ft lbs of torque,* the Adrenaline stands alone. This power is made through a combination of CAN Bus fueling, Direct VP44 fueling control, injection timing and boost control.

The heart of the Adrenaline module is a technologically superior 32 bit processor. Having more processing horsepower lets us do things other modules only wish they could do. The Adrenaline uses extremely advanced 4 axis tuning maps to insure you have power on demand. Monitoring RPM, Throttle Position, Boost, and Load % all at the same time allows us to provide the smoothest, yet most aggressive, fueling curves found anywhere.

The Adrenaline module is available with several control options allowing you to monitor EGT, Boost, and Transmission or Oil Temperature. All of the necessary parts to monitor the above mentioned parameters are included with each Adrenaline module!

Fuel Economy

While power is great, at today’s fuel prices, fuel economy is just as important. Realizing this we built in our industry first Max Mileage tuning into the Adrenaline. That’s right, you can have your cake and eat it too! With just a push of a button you can have the best fuel economy tuning available. Another push of the button will shred your tires and leave you short of breath. Where else can you find such versatility?

Engine Protection

We have always stated that power is nothing without Control. The Adrenaline is the most powerful and SAFEST module available.

Using our exclusive Guardian de-fueling software, and the processing power we have at hand, we are able to precisely control your EGT’s without robbing you of all your new found power. You can maintain safe EGTs and still make tons of power. The Quadzilla Adrenaline is in a league of its own!

Another feature of the Adrenaline is our TurboGuard cooldown feature. This allows the user to turn the truck off and remove the key from the ignition while keeping the truck running. It is very important to allow your engine and your turbo to cool down before shutting it off. This allows the oil to continue to lubricate the engine and turbo while it is cooling off. The TurboGuard can be set for time or can be EGT based.

Quadzilla also offers PowerIdle feature. This high idle is simply a smart feature that knows when to raise the idle to allow for consistent engine temperature and proper engine lubrication during extended idle periods. This is also a handy feature for those cold mornings when you need your truck to warm up quickly and maintain engine temperature while at idle, or those that demand extra electrical power to run accessories. PowerIdle also helps increase efficiency of your AC system or heater.

User Interface

With all of these options at hand, we had to give the user plenty of input. We could make you buy more expensive, add-on parts to get the full benefits from the Adrenaline but, we aren’t like those other guys. Instead, we developed yet another industry first: the FastFlash USB software (Under development to update compatability with current Windows operating systems). This software is installed on all Adrenaline modules and allows you to download an unlimited number of tuning and feature options. Maybe you don’t want a Turbo Timer or High Idle. Simply download your desired tuning as well as your desired features and load it into your Adrenaline in a matter of seconds.

The Adrenaline has raised the bar in the industry of performance.

Get your pulse pounding today with a Quadzilla Adrenaline module.


Please read the warranty and disclaimer information. 

Before Purchasing an Adrenaline 4k Module, You Must Read And Agree To The Following:

  • ONLY 4k tunes will work with the 4k module
  • ONLY the iQuad and iQuadBT are compatible controllers for the 4k upgrade
  • Your Adrenaline Board will require hardware modifications that cannot be performed by anyone other than Quadzilla.
  • 4K tunes are intended for off-road only and are not to be used on public roads or highways.
  • 4K tunes are not intended for stock trucks.
  • 4K tunes will set a Check Engine Light.
  • 4K fueling can be rough in areas approaching the factory rev limiter.
  • The 4K program completely takes over the VP44 control and therefore may not be as smooth as regular Adrenaline modules.

Once the 4K Upgrade Modifications are applied, there will be NO refunds for any reason.


It is not recommended to upgrade to a 4k unit unless you have supporting modifications. These modifications include but are not limited to: heavy duty push rods, upgraded valve springs, turbo upgrade, head studs, an upgraded transmission, and an upgraded fuel system. If you would like help finding these upgrades, please contact us

Upgrading your Adrenaline to 4k does not guarantee an increase in horsepower or torque. Only run 4k tunes on a 4k modified board, running non-4k tunes on a 4k modified board will have undesirable effects. In the event that you decide you no longer want 4k on your Adrenaline, a complete board replacement will be required due to the modifications to the 4k board.

4k Adrenaline modules are not daily driving nor towing friendly.