Dodge '06-'07 Adrenaline


Product Description

After incredible success with the Adrenaline series of performance modules in the VP44 powered Dodge trucks, the Common Rail version was inevitable!

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Adrenaline/iQuad combines so many features into one product it makes your choice easy! With the Adrenaline you get specialized tuning for fuel mileage, towing, and all out power. We also give you the ONLY On-The-Fly Custom tuning which lets you adjust the Adrenaline to suit your tastes. With over 160rwhp on tap the Adrenaline is one of the highest horsepower plug and play modules available and is the most powerful for 2006-2007 5.9L engines.

So how does it all work? With our success in the past we started with a proven design using Rail Pressure, Injector Pulse Width and Timing as the base for the Adrenaline. We combined our proven design with new technology to allow us to fuel sooner, smoother and harder. More pulse width is also used on the Adrenaline than our previous design, but not so much that it becomes detrimental to exhaust temperature. This combination is unique and allows for smooth, clean power with controllable EGTs. Of course you can change most of this in custom tuning if you want more smoke or want to change the throttle response characteristics.

All Adrenaline modules are 100% USB updatable as we continue development. With more tunes aimed at a variety of uses, the Adrenaline will never get old!

On the 600 and 610 Series trucks, Adrenaline with iQuad owners are also getting a built in scan tool!  The Adrenaline allows you to read and erase codes as well as get historical data such as warm-up since DTCs were cleared and distance since DTCs were cleared. This feature requires the iQuad or iQuadBT module and associated app. 

The Adrenaline is the most complete engine management system available. Whether you are looking for simple mileage gains with safety features, the best towing performance, big performance that is safe and trouble free, or all out power by adding the Adrenaline to a programmer, this product is for you!

Giving you even more choices, the Adrenaline is available as a base model with a ControlPOD. While most of the features above can still be used, you will be limited to a smaller number of parameters and you will need to change certain things via USB updates instead of the on-the-fly option with the iQuad. With the option of the ControlPOD, you can still have all the power and all the safety features you desire but, you can do it on a budget!

Custom Tuning Options:

  • # of Power Levels (4-14)
  • Rail PSI Scale (0-100%)
  • Max Rail PSI (24000-28000psi)
  • Rail PSI TPS Max (0-100%) TPS% when you reach Max Rail Pressure
  • Rail PSI TPS Min (0-100%) TPS% when you start adding Rail Pressure
  • Boost Scaling (14-30psi)
  • Fuel Stretch MAX (0-100%)


Parameters Monitored:

-Rail Pressure
-Fuel Pressure (low side)*
-Transmission Slip %
-Transmission Temperature
-Time since DTCs Cleared
-# of Warm-ups since DTCs Cleared

-Converter Status
-Coolant Temp
-TPS % 
-Correct MPH
-Distance Since DTCs Cleared

-Battery Voltage
-Load %
-Ambient Air Temp
-Fuel Level %
-Barometric psi
-Runtime since startup
-Distance with MIL On

 * Fuel pressure sensor available as an optional add-on. 


Why should you prefer the iQuad over a different monitor based system? The control it gives and how easily it is replaced if something goes wrong. 
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