How can I tell if I have the new V2 Adrenaline Custom tuning on my module?
There are a couple of ways to tell if you have the new V2 tuning on your Adrenaline. The first is to drive in power level 1. If it is slower and more sluggish than stock, you have the V2 tuning. 
A better way is to actually load the V2 tuning profile on your iQuad app and connect to your iQuad or iQuadBT then look at a sensor called 'Build Date'. That sensor will show the date that the firmware on your Adrenaline was built. If it shows anything at all, you have a version of V2. The latest version was built on 20180208 so if you have an earlier version you will want to update your firmware. 

Can I buy a Pulse V2 monitor? 
Due to manufacturing complications, the Pulse can no longer be produced or supported. We are considering the possibility of a replacement but at this time all efforts are being concentrated on the iQuad and iQuadBT. The iQuad and iQuadBT provide more control and features than the Pulse and is the only way to truly utilize all features of the Adrenaline.
The iQuad module (for Apple devices) can be purchased here: http://quadzillapower.com/iquad-module-for-adrenaline/ 
and the iQuadBT module (for Android devices) can be purchased here: http://quadzillapower.com/iquadbt-module-for-adrenaline/
Can I get my existing Pulse V2 reprogrammed?
We can reprogram some PV2 monitors. However, the results may vary and some PV2 monitors may become unresponsive. 
Why haven't you offered a new monitor?
The last monitor we made used a small 3.5" black and white screen that went out of production about 1.5years into the project. They just don't make that screen any longer. It was small and easy to design for, but wasn't very good looking. It barely had enough resolution to display 4 digital gauge values and not very well. We decided to focus our attention on building an app that would take the place of the screen using parts that hopefully would be easily replaced if/when they went out of production and that would be backwards compatible with existing product. The Android app and the iPhone app are way better looking and a much better interface than anything we could build ourselves in a cost effective manner. Plus, if anything happens to the tablet, its easily replaceable. But ... Stay tuned.
What are the power levels on my Factory Adrenaline? 

PL00: Stock with Boost Fooling
PL01: Max Mileage (Timing Only)
PL02: 60 HP Gain (Timing + CAN stretch)
PL03: 75 HP Gain (Timing + CAN stretch + Fuel Stretch)
PL04: 90 HP
PL05: 105 HP
PL06: 120 HP
PL07: 135 HP
PL08: 150 HP
PL09: 165 HP
PL10: 180 HP


Can I get a 4k Upgrade? 
Yes, however, we recommend a standard Adrenaline unless you have:
Heavy Duty push rods, 
upgraded valve springs, 
bigger turbo, 
head studs, 
an upgraded transmission, 
and an upgraded fuel system. 

There are three pieces to the 4k upgrade: 

1. board modification
2. Tune loaded onto the board
3. iQuad or iQuadBT using the properly selected vehicle
The 4k box is not towing or daily driving friendly. 
Upgrade your Adrenaline to 4k here.
Where can I download the iQuad app? 
You can download the iQuad app for free here:
Download on the App Store
Android app on Google Play


I’m not sure if I want the iQuad Module or if I just want the Control Pod, which should I get? 
We highly recommend the iQuad for several reasons. 
a. It is the only way currently available to get the most out of your adrenaline. 
b. You can monitor more gauges, up to 10 at 1 time versus the control pods 1 at a time. The control pod is also limited to only monitoring 4 values that are not programmable.  
c. You can use any Apple iOS device for the iQuad and any Android device for the iQuadBT
d. You can play games while your in the fast-food drive-through! (Quadzilla doesn’t actually recommend playing games on your device while behind the wheel, don’t be distracted while driving).

What do the iQuad custom tuning parameters do?

The iQuad app allows you to custom tune your Adrenaline. For a detailed write up on how this works click here

How should I go about tuning my Adrenaline for my truck?

Start conservatively. Don't set all of your settings at 100% maximum and expect your truck to run great. This tuner is powerful, probably more powerful than your truck can handle well. The optimum fuel stretch and timing for each vehicle is going to be a little different and probably not as high as you think you can handle. Start following the settings for the 1000 series tune found in the custom tuning guide. From there apply more fuel stretch a little at a time until you get to something you like or until your truck doesn't perform well and then back-off.
Be especially careful of adjusting your timing. Having a bit of extra timing is great for your fuel mileage, but too much, especially when making lots of boost, can be really hard on your head. If you want a tune that has lots of timing in lower power settings for good mileage and then backs off when in high power setting, change the timing scaling parameter. Most people shouldn't have their timing set to more than 7.5 degrees.
Always be aware of your gauges, just because you truck is running, doesn't mean the EGTs aren't getting too high, or that your fuel pressure is up in the good range, or that your boost pressure isn't going too high. 



Can I get service for my Stealth II programmer?

The Stealth II programmer is no longer supported. We no longer support any programmers or tuners that modify diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems. 

How should I mount my XZT+ three position switch?

It really depends on how you want your switch setup. In order to have the module be in its Power setting with the switch up, you should mount the switch with the black wire down.  


Where do I hook up my MAP sensor adapter or boost fooler?

  • 1998.5 - 2002 Dodge with Cummins Engines. The MAP sensor is in the same place for these vehicles despite being a little different plug styles. This guide will show you where to hook up the MAP sensor adapter or boost fooler. 
  • The 2003 - 2007 Dodge with 5.9L Cummins Engine's MAP sensor is up on the block on the driver's side of the valve cover. 
  • The 2007.5-2016 Dodge with 6.7L Cummins Engine's MAP sensor is located right on the intake horn on the driver's side on the side of the intake horn closest to the firewall. This guide will show you where to hook up the MAP sensor adapter or boost fooler. 



I just bought a second hand Adrenaline. What do I need to make it work for my truck?

 If you would like to know if your used Adrenaline will work with your truck, follow this guide to know what you need to do to make it work.