V2 Tuning

from Quadzilla Power LLC

Quadzilla Power, the leader in VP44 performance, is proud to offer the latest and greatest in tuning for 98.5-02 Cummins equipped trucks.

V2 tuning allows you the enthusiast to have the ability to make your truck perform better than it ever has! With V2 tuning you will have the ability to adjust and tune everything from your fueling to timing, warm up mode to a cool down timer all at tips of your fingers. With all of the different upgrades that can be made to a truck (turbos, injectors, etc.), why are companies satisfied with one tune option that works “ok” for everyone?

The main tuning feature groups that you can adjust to make your truck run its best are:

  • Tune Parameters
  • Valet Mode Parameters
  • Pump Tap Parameters
  • Timing Parameters
  • RPM Timing Max
  • Boost Level Fueling

This may seem complicated but we offer a custom tuning guide to help point you in the right direction: