V2 Tuning

V2 Adrenaline tuning from Quadzilla Power, LLC     

            Quadzilla Power is proud to offer V2 Adrenaline Tuning, the most customizable tuning for 98.5-02 Dodge Ram Cummins powered trucks. Don’t be satisfied with a one size fits all tuning sold by others. Create multiple tunes that change only peak power, but be able to run newly smokeless even with big injectors , injectors, towing, or at high altitude. If your truck has modified engine or powertrain components the V2 Adrenaline Tuning is a must have.

For years Quadzilla has offered different tunes for the Adrenaline, but V2 tuning is easier to use and unlocks more features. There is no need to pay a “tuner” hundreds of dollars to create custom tunes for your vehicle. V2 Adrenaline tuning allows you, the enthusiast, to have the ability to make your truck perform better than it ever has! You will have the ability to adjust and tune everything from fueling to timing, warm up mode to a cool down timer all at the tips of your fingers.

With V2 Adrenaline Tuning you will be able to build as many custom tunes as your tablet or phone will hold, meaning you can have pre-built tunes for low power valet, towing, daily driving, fuel economy, racing, no smoke, etc…. Changing tunes only takes a few moments and can be done while the truck is running. Changing power levels within each tune can also be done on the fly.






The main tuning feature groups that you can adjust to make your truck run its best are:

  • Tune Parameters (Number of power levels and Max RPM limit)
  • Valet Mode Power
  • Pump Tap Parameters
  • Timing Parameters
  • RPM Timing Max
  • Boost Level Fueling

Your Adrenaline will come preloaded with a universal V2 tune. Check out our custom tuning guide to get started:


 Adrenaline Custom Tuning Guide