ViZion Bluetooth with EGT (BETA TEST)


Product Description

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Vizion Wireless Monitoring System

Quadzilla's Wireless Gauge System!

Quadzilla is excited to re-introduce the ultimate wireless gauge monitoring system! The Vizion combines the state of the art wireless communications of our iQuad interface with the power of our successful Scout II Monitoring System! Currently, the ViZion hardware is only available for Android systems. Existing iPhone users need not worry, support will continue for that device.


So how does it work? We developed a specialized wireless module that gives you the needed link between your vehicle's OBD2 port and your iPhone or Droid device. Then you simply download our FREE Vizion app and you are ready to go!



The most versatile wireless monitor of it's kind!!

  • 3 different main displays to choose from allowing you to see 25+ parameters ‚Ä®with a couple of simple finger swipes on your phone or tablet.


Complete Gauge and Diagnostics Capability

While we pointed out the newest features that separate the Vizion from all other gauge systems it is still important to note all the other features this amazing gauge has:


  • Monitor up to 50+ parameters
  • Data-Logging with Export Features
  • Read and erase DTC's
  • Complete regeneration monitoring
  • 0-60 performance tests
  • 1/4 mile performance tests
  • User defined gauge set
  • Calculate corrected speed for oversized tires
  • Simple installation
  • Smarty POD Power for Dodge owners


Smarty POD Control!

Perhaps the biggest development for the ViZion is the ability to control the Smarty POD programmers on-the-fly. Yes, you read that right, once you download your Smarty programmer into your vehicles ECU you will now be able to change levels using the Scout instead of plugging the bulky programmer back into the OBD2 port. To simplify this process, we worked with beta testers and defined the software to control the Smarty in 10 simple power levels. Going a step further we also integrated our cold engine protection and allow you to set a "Warm up" mode for cold engine starts. This automatically turns the Smarty program to the nearest level to stock when you start your engine and automatically turns the power level back up once you reach your set operating temperature. This is a MUST HAVE for ALL Smarty owners!


Data Logging!

Our popular Data Logging feature has been expanded similar to the data-logging available on our Adrenaline devices. Not only can you view the maximums and minimums of the sensors monitored, but you can export all the data recorded by the app in a spreadsheet format. Open the log in your favorite spreadsheet editor to generate graphs of your data.


Gasoline Engines?

 That's right, one of the biggest steps for the Vizion is that it works with gas as well as diesel engines.